George McFall has released a new album – or mixtape – entitled ‘Diurnal Patio’, on Tenement Records.

The Edinburgh-based artist has put out several releases over the past 10 years under the Clean George IV moniker, including 2019 LP ‘XIV:Surrounder‘ and most recently from August last year, single ‘The Boyfriend‘.

The six track album – mixed by Ali Moniack – is available to download for free – owing to the fact that it is constructed from samples of legendary ’80s Scottish act Big Country.

‘Diurnal Patio’ is however, a collection of original songs with, McFall says, lyrical themes relating to topics such as Scotland, the North, post-industrialism, globalisation, tourism, addiction and mental health – although despite the subject matter, their composer points out that much of the record was written prior to 2019.

The Dunfermline-formed source for the album’s instrumentation were the musician’s favourite band from around the age of seven years old – around the time that McFall moved from the south of England to Edinburgh and heard Stuart Adamson’s classic debut ‘The Crossing’, which his father had bought for him shortly after arriving in Scotland.

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