Gareth Sager & The Hungry Ghosts release a new album, ‘Juicy Rivers’, on Creeping Bent.

Sager, originally from Edinburgh, has been with the esteemed Glasgow label since 2004’s long player ‘The Last Second of Normal Time’. The 10 tunes on the new release, we’re told, form the final part of Sager’s ‘Creeping Bent Triptych’, which also included 2009’s ‘Slack Slack Music’.

The founding member of The Pop Group and Rip Rig & Panic has teamed up again with Nectarine No9 / Sexual Objects drummer Ian Holford, plus Dan Connelly on bass).

The new album also features additional mixes by J.Seal and Port Sulphur plus vocal collaborations from the late Jock Scot as well as Davy Henderson of The Sexual Objects / Fire Engines.