Edinburgh indie Song, by Toad releases a free downloadable sampler album, entitled ‘Magic Beanz’.
Featuring six new bands who will appear on the label in 2015, it includes tracks from Le Thug, who have a six-song vinyl EP ‘Place Is’ due, as well as the debut album by Garden of Elks entitled ‘A Distorted Sigh’.

There’s a solo long-player from Broken Records’ Ian Turnbull – ‘Be Embraced, You Millions!’ is due out in in March, while in May, Greco-Portuguese combo Numbers Are Futile release their debut, ‘Sunlight on Black Horizon’.

Later in the year, Edinburgh indie act Plastic Animals release their debut album ‘Pictures From the Blackout’, and at some point there will be a release for new material from Passion Pusher, whose Couch King cassette EP was released last November and who will record new material for the label in February.

Also due this year, though not on the compilation, will be new records from Adam Stafford, a split 10″ with Rob St. John and Woodpigeon, something from Supermoon (the band formerly known as Meursault), and something similarly undefined at present from Jonnie Common.

You can download the album here