Glasgow’s Fuzzkill Records release, oddly, a cassette compilation, ‘NOW That’s What I Call Music 666’.

Featuring acts from Scotland, England, United States and Canada, it includes the likes of Pinact, Deathcats and Poor Things, and is also available digitally, but for Cassette Store Day, September 27th.

You can get physical copies from monorail, VoxBoxMusic and Underground Solu’shn as well as various places across the globe. Oh, the 10 tunes, listed below, also celebrate the label’s first birthday. Aww.

Pinact – Beauty Freak
New Swears – Midnight Lovers
Deathcats – Comin’ Up
Poor Things – Unsure of Myself
Fruit Tones – Sheriff
Secret Motorbikes – Midnight Volleyball
Kill Surrrf – Creepy Beach
Asian Babes – Valholla
Min Diesel – Bastards
Sharptooth – Bonnie Blaze
The Shithawks – Hollywood Beard
Black Cop – No Reply
Future Glue – Deaf Valley
Catholic Action – The Shallows
Psychotic Reaction – Oklahoma City Mainline Paranoia Blue
The Rosy Crucifixion – Sinners (Frankie & the Hitch-Hikers cover)

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