Before hearing a band it’s always handy to get some idea of their sound.

With this east coast-based quintet, does their name offers a glimpse into their raison d’etre? Futuristic, even apocalyptic, the five piece, seemingly clad in space suits make modernistic electronic sounds, but always with a catchy, danceable beat. But with a new album on the way, we ask frontman Oliver Kass, what’s behind Future Get Down?


Oliver Kass, Ally Dennis, Sam Bidgood, Jeanne Laidlaw and Brian Pokora.

When? and Where?

Made an album in Leeds. Formed a band in Edinburgh. Scrapped the album.

People liked the live show. Pumped profit into beekeeper suits.

Released a couple of 2018 EPs. Started work on an album again. Here we are.


Recorded at home and Edinburgh’s Chamber Studio last year. Hear the results on vinyl from 11 September.


Music for rain-soaked apocalypses.


A question we ask ourselves on a daily basis. A form of therapy. Not always effective.

Debut album, ‘Here We Go, Wonder’ is out on September 11th. Pre-order on

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