Edinburgh’s Free Fringe Festival gets a welcome boost with the release of a triple album featuring indie musicians as well as comedians who have all benefited from the annual event, which as its name suggests, allows acts to put on free shows outwith the mainstream or official festivals in Edinburgh in August.

The compilation was organised by MJ Hibbett, himself a regular performer at the Free Fringe with, most recently, the Moon Horse and Dinosaur Planet rock operas.
Also contributing material to the collection are the likes of John Otway, Chris T-T, Helen Arney, Lazarus Clamp, Being 747, The Plimptons, Standard Fare, The Bobby McGees and The Just Joans.

The Free Fringe was founded by Peter Buckley Hill in 1996 and now puts on hundreds of shows for free every year at the Edinburgh Fringe. Performers don’t pay to play and the public doesn’t pay to get in.

“It’s a fantastic organisation which has helped us a lot”, said MJ Hibbert.”I decided to put together an online compilation album to raise funds, and hoped to get enough songs for an album. The response was so huge I ended up with enough for three!”