Glasgow-born guitarist, singer and songwriter Mark Mulholland releases a album with Haitian poet, painter, novelist, playwright and actor Frankétienne. Chaophonies, on Cannery Row Records / Jezus Factory Records, consists of theatrical readings by Frankétienne of extracts from his book of poetry ‘Rapjazz, Journal d’un Paria’, with original music composed and performed by Mulholland.

The Scotsman’s work has mainly been outwith his homeland, including Oul’ Bogwarriors (a 1990s Prague musical collective), rock band Impure Thoughts, and Berlin-based country/folk act Two Dollar Bash. After moving to Haiti in 2010 he enlisted Frankétienne for a guest appearance on ‘Les Belles Promesses’, a track on the album that Mark released in 2012 with fellow Scot Craig Ward, of dEUS.

Also featured on Chaophonies are on Haitian percussionist Zikiki, Belgian double bassist Hannes d’Hoine (DAAU) and violinist Buni Lenski, French accordionist Olaf Hund and Scottish cellist Nicola Geddes.
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