Francis MacDonald and Harry Pye release an album, ‘Bonjour’.

The 10-track collaboration between the artist and Teenage Fanclub drummer / composer comes via Francis’s own Shoeshine label in conjunction with Republic of Music.

The combination of indie pop and spoken word musings is the first musical coming-together of the former BMX Bandit and the “master of lo-fi British art” – the latter being best-known for his portrait of Tony Blair winning a competition judged by Gilbert and George.

Meanwhile, MacDonald is also an accomplished classical composer, having released ‘Music For String, Quartet, Piano & Celeste’ in 2015.

‘Bonjour’ was produced by the duo and recorded at Francis’s home studio in Glasgow

The two began collaborating when Pye asked MacDonald to write about his favourite Elvis song for a fanzine. The two the exchanged ideas with lyrics from the artist being set to music by the musician.

‘Bonjour’ is available now, on Shoeshine. More at