Fram release a new four-track EP, ‘Butterfly’, on Strength in Numbers Records.

It’s the first new material from the Scottish quartet since 2016’s debut album ‘Against Nature‘.

As well as the title track there are three other tracks on the new set: ‘Sticks and Stones’, ‘Haruspex’, and ‘Hand in Hand’.

The band – Scot Van Den Akker on bass and vocals, Chris Osborne on guitar and vocals, Sandy Cormie on keyboards, and Bob Anderson on drums – and their frontman says of the new EP: “It is the first fruits of our sessions with Roddy McIlwraith.

“The songs were recorded in between the various periods of lockdown,” he continues. “It is hard to say how much that impacted the songs, as they were mostly rehearsed and ready to go by the time we had to stop rehearsing and recording.

“Hindsight allows artists to pretend they ‘foresaw’ events, but I’d say these songs sit outside of the pandemic.

“Instead, the themes touched on include old favourites like Antarctica, lonely versus alone, family, love, frustration, anger and random glimpses of beauty. A continuing theme is nature refusing to be thwarted… and unfolding in its own beauty and time despite mankind.”

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