Flux Velociraptor release their debut single for London based record label The State51 Conspiracy.

Entitled ‘3000 Fists’, it follows the recent reissue of the West Lothian-based trio’s remastered debut EP, ‘Velociraptor Attractor‘.

The West Lothian-based trio now consists of Gary Clinton, Kenny McCabe and Gary Pycroft, ‘3000 Fists’ being the first material recorded by the new lineup.

Musically unlike their previous instrumental recorded material, the single is described by the band as “satirical, violent and peaceful at the same time.”

Founder member Clinton says of the threesome’s new sound: “The decision to use my voice again was a big one so in-keeping with our ethos towards writing music I aimed to be a little different and to make a big statement with the lyrics.

The track’s lyrics cover the UK government’s “abuse of social media to rig elections and Brexit,” as well as accusing the BBC of bias during the Scottish independence referendum.

“We did consider the implications of saying ‘fucking Tory’ and ‘Bias in the BBC’,” Clinton continues, “and whether we should tone that down to get radio exposure. We didn’t. The most important value of our band is to create interesting music for its own sake and ignore all commercial considerations.

The single will be followed by a full-length, animated music video, and, lockdowns-permitting, the recording of an album before the end of the year.

The band are also are donating all proceeds from Bandcamp profits to our chosen charity, the World Food Programme.

More at facebook.com/fluxvelociraptor.