Flux Velociraptor release a 2020 remaster of debut EP ‘Velociraptor Attractor’ via London label The State51 Conspiracy.

The EP’s six instrumental tunes were originally recorded live in 2018 by Neil McNaught at Split Level Studios, Edinburgh.

The West Lothian-based trio consists of Gary Clinton, Kenny McCabe and Gary Pycroft, although on the original EP, Ricki Thomson and Robbie Smith took on drums and bass duties respectively, while Jed Potts contributed lapsteel.

“The remaster has sonically improved everything – bigger, weightier and clearer… and louder!” Clinton said of the new versions of the EP. “‘Written By Bono And The Edge’ has changed the most as a result of the remaster,” he added.

However, the band in its current form will release new material, including a single later this month, for their new label, which has already put out music by Psapp, Sixth June and Minty among others.

More at facebook.com/fluxvelociraptor.