Sometimes things are worth the wait.
So, five years after forming the band, Gary Clinton has got a stable lineup for his (alt) rock quartet. With an EP on the way and a clutch of live shows it’s time we found out more about Flux Velociraptor…

Gaz Flux Velociraptor


Gaz Clinton: Guitar, guitar solos, dance routines on pedals. Gary Pycroft: Bass, Mario Kart, serial purchasing of vinyl. Kenny McCabe: Drums, being a drummer, finding hilarious samples for a sampler thingy.


Flux Velociraptor are a Livi band despite none of us actually staying in Livingston.


Formed circa 2012: played 3 shows & recorded Velociraptor Attractor EP with another line up.

2012-2016: Lost band members to plague. Watched as the world went mental both musically and politically.

2017: Recruited Kenny & Gary. Rehearsed. Lined up some gigs. Planning a proper release/launch of aforementioned EP.


Our EP actually has a sort of interesting story. It was recorded live in the studio by Neil McNaught at Split Level Studios (Edinburgh) and remained unmixed for a while. So I (Gaz) added some synthy stuff to a couple of tracks and we were approached by London based producer Sean Tuohy (The Cookie Palace) who was keen on the material. He mixed & mastered and we think it sounds pretty good. Now we have a completed line up we’re keen to punt it around.

Flux front JPEG


Merciless 3 piece instrumental, slightly proggy, alt, riff rock. Take the vocals away from RATM / QOTSA / Shellac, throw in some early Battles and weird time signatures you’re not too far off.


We want to contribute to a certain collective of music lovers / artists / recording engineers etc that still want a bit of blood and live wires left in their music.

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The band play on Tues 26th Sept @ BLOC in Glasgow supporting Mannequin Death Squad (OZ)

There’s also a Tues 7th Nov @ BLOC supporting CHEW, with a show at Henry’s Cellar Bar in Edinburgh TBC)