Firestations release an EP, ‘Automatic Tendencies’, on Lost Map.

It’s the first instalment of a new multi-EP project from the London-based quintet, and their first new music on Lost Map since the 2018 album ‘The Year Dot’.

Available to download, the new release’s six tracks including the aptly-titled ‘Small Island‘ single – given the label’s location on Eigg.

The latest material from the band – Mike Cranny, Laura Copsey, Martin Thompson, Giles Littleford, Tom Hargreaves – was captured as a mix of home recordings as well as at Otterhead Studios and Studio Klank, before being mixed by Mike Cranny and mastered by Antony Ryan at RedRedPaw.

There are five further tracks on the EP – ‘New Device’, ‘Bedford Levels’, ‘Greenmount’ (Sunken Version), ‘Just For A While’, and a ‘Bit Cloudy Remix’ of ‘Small Island’.

‘Automatic Tendencies’ is the first of three EPs set to be released digitally and on limited-edition CD-R over a six-month period, with each release including alternative “sunken” versions by the band as well as covers and remixes of new Firestations material by other artists.

Band member and visual artist Laura Copsey has curated collections of special artworks that expand on the ideas within each release. The lead track from each project – which started with ‘Small Island’ – will be released as part of Lost Map’s PostMap Club subscription series of postcard releases, and accompanied by collaborative, experimental videos.

Speaking of the EP, Copsey said: “The songs on ‘Automatic Tendencies’ reflect on ideas of cultural identity and belonging. A tendency for repetition, a desire to escape, but also a strong connection to place and the shared experience of being alive at the same time on this small island.

“The contents of the art collection work alongside the music to create a sense of belonging, yet there is an ever-present awareness of growing insularity. The waters surrounding the British Isles are increasingly politicised – viewed as a border, despite being fluid and acting as a connection.”

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