Fini Tribe release the classic Balearic anthem, ‘DeTestimony’, on the 25th anniversary of its original release.

The EP, on the FFFt label, features six brand new remixes – the physical release will include reworkings by Justin Robertson, Optimo (Espacio) and Robot84, while in February, the digital version will include versions by Tauchsieder and an unreleased mix of 101/Detestimony by 808 State as well as the original mix.

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The tune has been a regular dancefloor filler over the past quarter century, but it took an approach by Trevor Jackson of Playgroup who wanted to licence ‘DeTestimony’ for inclusion on his release, Metal Dance 84 – 88. At that point it emerged that fashion designer Paul Smith had been using the track to soundtrack his catwalk displays – at which point a proper silver anniversary re-release became an obvious plan.