Fielding Chase release their debut album, ‘Now Is The Time’.

The project of songwriter William Codona, the 12 track long-player, conceived and recorded over the space of three years, is available online as well as on CD.

Codona comes from a long line of entertainers stretching well over 200 years, from Punch and Judy performers to acrobats, clowns and trapeze artists to fairground showpeople, dancers and musicians.

Now based in Montrose, the Glasgow-born musician was previously, while living in the city, a member of Subway, and of The Surfin’ Gnomes – acts whose various members have also appeared Army of Moths, Twin Atlantic/Lamina, and The Silencers.

The band’s name was taken from an episode of Peter Falk’s classic TV detective Columbo – the character Fielding Chase played by William Shatner, who tweeted his approval to the band.

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