Fielding Chase release a new EP, ‘Apocalypse’.

The second release from the MoFi label, the three tracks are available both digitally as well as a limited edition CD, available at Mo’ Fidelity Record Store as well as on Bandcamp.

‘Apocalypse’ is the follow-up to album ‘Now Is The Time‘, from May 2019.

The EP – consisting of ‘Nowhere to Hide’, ‘Trapped’ and ‘Breaking Out’ – was mixed and mastered by John Huxtable at Smallfish Recordings, and is dedicated to the memory of Cardiacs’ Tim Smith.

Fielding Chase – named after a character played by William Shatner in Peter Falk’s classic TV detective Columbo – is the project of songwriter William Codona.

The Montrose-based musician, from a long line of circus and fairground showpeople, was previously Subway, as previously in Glasgow bands Subway and The Surfin’ Gnomes – acts whose various members have also appeared in Army of Moths, Twin Atlantic/Lamina, and The Silencers.

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