Felix and the Sunsets release a new EP, ‘This Will Change’, which is available to download now.

Part of a series of singles, it follows up the ‘title track‘ from January, which celebrated the Black Live Matter movement and whose proceeds were donated to Intercultural Youth Scotland.

This month it’s the turn of ‘The Mushroom Song’ as featured track of the four, coming out in January, February, March and April 2021, with ‘Leaving On The Next Train’ and ‘Pass Me My Matches’ to follow.

The Leith trio – Max Wilson, Sean Logan and Felix Christie – recorded the songs on the EP with award-winning producer Dave Lloyd of Stillhound at Lost Oscillation Studies in Leith’s Music Base.

The band made their debut with another EP in late 2018, ‘Don’t Sleep‘, as they formed from a solo project of Felix Christie (formerly of Ayakara), aided by his multi-instrumentalist brother Lukas, who along with Sinead Ferguson provided the artwork for the release.

The latest track, made with the help of Creative Scotland funding, features “60s organ, barroom piano, guitar solos and distorted riffs, a samba rhythm, one synth, some bongos, pounding drums, vocal harmonies, political protest, and a psychedelic mushroom trip.”

More at www.facebook.com/felixandthesunsets