False Bliss release what appears to be their debut album, ‘Ritual Terrains’, on the Scottish Fiction label.

However, those in the know will remember the band by their previous moniker – DTHPDL.

The four-piece – former BatteryFace man Alastair Chivers, plus Christopher Laidler, David Macdonald and John Muir – released ‘The Future’, a 20-minute long EP that tied for first place in Jockrock’s 2016 Album of the Year chart.

The new album, containing 11 tracks including recent single ‘To The Forest’, and the free download ‘Am I You? Are You Me?’, is available digitally, on tape, and as a limited edition improv cassette (from a special performance in March, where each member of the band added to the studio recordings with a live improvised set.)

More at www.facebook.com/FalseBliss666