Fair Mothers release a new album, ‘In Monochrome’.

On the Song, by Toad label, the eight tracks – available on vinyl as well as download – follow up February’s ‘Separate Lives’ and are the culmination of a series of sessions at Edinburgh’s Happiness Hotel studio with producer and Song, By Toad label boss Matthew Young.

Including singles ‘Harpy’ and ‘In Monochrome‘, the album features cello from Pete Harvey, Sam Mallalieu on drums and harpist Esther Swift, and was recorded and mixed by Matthew Young at The Happiness Hotel in Leith before being mastered by Reuben Taylor

There’s also guest vocals from Dana Gavanski as well as Faith Eliott and Johnny Lynch, the latter screaming “we are mostly fucked” as loud as possible.

“Most of my songs need another voice – a woman’s voice – and I’m incredibly grateful to have worked with Katheryn Joseph in the past, and now with Dana and especially with Faith,” says Kevin Allan, aka Fair Mothers, of the collaborative nature of the release.

“I have such a strong sense that it’s getting very late for us, or maybe just getting late for me,” adds Allan. “And that it has to start with knowing myself. Because it’s principally me that’s lying to me. Christ knows why that is.”

More at Song, By Toad or the Fair Mothers Facebook page, or read our Casual Introduction with Kevin Allan.