Fabio Whyte releases a new single ‘Carnival of Life’, on his own North London label.

Available to stream via Spotify the first release of 2020 from the unsigned singer/ songwriter from Perth, who is also a final year music student at Perth UHI, and follows up EP ‘Misty Words‘, released last year.

The London-born musician, in his early twenties and of Italian and Scottish origin, wrote and recorded the new track in his home studio during lockdown. However, currently working as part of a team writing music for a new anime series being produced in the US, he also produces EDM, writes funk, pop-punk, and even plays in a trad band and has performed on TV with the Gordon Duncan Experience.

Whyte also plays drums, bass, cello, ukulele, various styles of guitar, including classical, and is also the keys player for the Dundee based psychedelic rock/indie band Midnight Alleys. His next aim is to form a pop punk band is currently on the lookout for members.

Of the single, he says: “‘Carnival of Life was inspired by life and all its complexities, wonders and unpredictability.

“On one level it’s about how to make the best of what life throws at you, and on the other it tells a story about how life isn’t always what you want it to be.

“I wanted to create an existential, happy go lucky feel. I am singing to the world as well as myself, and people should relate to it in their own way, because I believe that life is what you make it, and what you want it to be. It is also about the need to move on, and I talk to my old self and welcome my new self to a world that’s changing.’

“The first line was actually a misheard line of a song that I liked, and that sparked the ideas of colour and carnival. The song then took on the form of a collection of thoughts about the spontaneity and unpredictability of life. The bizarre, unexpected and colourful aspects of a carnival are like a mirror of life.

More at www.facebook.com/fabiomusicuk.