Of course, you may already have made Eugene Twist’s acquaintance.
Following debut album ‘The Boy Who Had Everything’ the Glasgow singer-songwriter has taken a couple of years ‘out’ – building a makeshift studio and adding recording to his array of skills which enabled him to take on the bulk of the instrumental work on his debut.
Garnering plaudits for his music and comparisons with the likes of Elvis Costello and Nick Cave for his lyricism, the phrase “lets the music do the talking” is one that comes to mind. As will become apparent…

Eugene Twist


Arbitrary space.
And our drummer, Kenneth.


It all started when I saw Cole Porter play a stripped down set with Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone and Les Dawson at the Captain’s Rest.

The rest is history.




I’ve been forced to put out two albums now, my golf coach told me it would be good publicity for my career but I’m still mincing my way through the amateur circuit.


Shoegaze. But the shoes have huge mirrors.


Put it this way. Most days I feel like a tortoise. That thinks it’s a hare. That deep down always wanted to be an iguana.

‘The Stuntman’ is now available on bandcamp…

More at www.eugenetwist.co.uk