We do seem to feature Esperi quite a lot round these parts. Theu’re good though, so no apoloiges there. And they play Cafe Crema in Stirling on March 25th, and since it’s a show not in a regular venue – or even gigging town – well worth a plug.

Prog rock titans Van der Graaf Generator play Glasgow’s O2 ABC, also on Friday. For anyone who believes ‘prog’ is a dirty word, think again as Peter Hammill’s crew have been cited as an influence on everyone from The Fall to John Lydon to Marc Almond.

Another old – ok, not quite that old – act reformed are The Monochrome Set , one of those perfect pop acts who somehow never made it big in the early 80s.
We Can Still Picnic – a Creeping Bent-affiliated night which also features Wake the President / Spectorbullets / POST takes place at Mono on Saturday 26th, and should be a busy one and there may be the odd celeb in the crowd – the Set’s singer Bid once produced an album by The Karelia which featured a certain Alex Huntley on vocals.