Emma Pollock plays Paisley Arts Centre on Friday October 22nd as part of the ‘Paisley Underground’ series of events (which, we must confess, we’ve never heard of, but presumably last week’s Zoey van Goey show was part of a rare series of shows in the town). Support comes from Julia and The Doogans. More here.

Anyway, in addition to the show there’s also a panel event featuring Vic Galloway, Scott Patterson (Sons and Daughters), Michael John McCarthy (Zoey Van Goey) and David Scott (lecturer in commercial music). Presumably ‘How To Promote Your Gig’ won’t be one of the topics covered!

Or… if you’re in Dundee, this Sunday 24th sees a great triple bill – be prepared to be amazed at how much sounds can come from such a limited amount of instruments. Guitarist Jon Gomm, and multi-instrumentalist Esperi play, the Soul Club along with Xander and Courtney
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