Emma Kupa releases a new single, ‘Happy Birthday’, on Eigg’s Lost Map label.

Available during the month of May as part of Lost Map’s PostMap Club subscription service, it is also available via digital platforms including Bandcamp.

The PostMap Club version takes the form of an actual birthday card, posted to you “whether it’s your birthday or not”.

Kupa – formerly of Standard Fare, who split in 2015 – currently fronts the bands Mammoth Penguins, and The Hayman Kupa Band (alongside Darren Hayman).

Hayman in fact mixed the single, recorded at Sickroom Studios, which also employs Laura Ankles on banjo and backing vocals, Mark Boxall on drums and BVs, and Rory McVicar, on electric guitar and BVs.

“Happy Birthday is pretty self-explanatory,” says the Cambridgeshire-based singer-songwriter of the single. “I wanted to write a song to wish a happy birthday to loved ones, but also when it’s my birthday I reflect on life so far etc, and I always tend to see what I haven’t achieved or what I regret.

“So, it is also a message to myself to focus more on the positives and also just be grateful to be alive and for what I do have.”

Although her solo debut album ‘It Will Come Easier’ was released September 2020 via Fika Recordings, Kupa has played at several different Lost Map events over the years in various acts and projects – including the Howlin’ Fling festival on the isle of Eigg and Kid Canaveral’s Christmas Baubles in Edinburgh.

More at www.facebook.com/emmakupaband / https://emmakupa.wordpress.com