Electron Mass release a new EP, ‘Dopamine Girl’ on the Borders-based label Of Human Bonding.

It’s the fourth release from the band – formed by songwriters Sorensen Small and Brendan McAndrew – following a trilogy of EPs about the Sun, the Earth and the Moon.

The duo – from Galashiels and with a loose connection to ’90s indie act Dawn of the Replicants – initially described themselves and their label as an outlet for unusual collaborations about science, nature and the cosmos.
However, they have, they say, since expanded their breadth of songwriting to cover “Love, Loss, Life and Death, the Mind, the Earth, the Universe and Everything!”

There are four tracks on the extended player – title track ‘Dopamine Girl‘, the Twin Peaks-inspired ‘Love Dilation’, the acoustic ‘Imprints‘, and closing track ‘A Theory of Everything’.

More at www.ofhumanbonding.com /