Edwyn Collins releases a single, ‘Outside’.

It’s taken from the former Orange Juice frontman’s ninth solo album, ‘Badbea’ (pronounced ‘Bad-bay’) which is released on his own label, AED, on Friday 29th March 2019.

Having released his last album, ‘Understated’ in March 2013, ‘Badbea’ will be Collins’ first release since moving both home and studio to Helmsdale on the North East coast of Scotland in 2014. It’s the fourth long-player since 2005 when Collins suffered two strokes.

The singer has also, in conjunction with guitar pedal company Colorsound, developed a fuzz pedal called ‘The Bum Fuzz’.

Clashnarrow Studios, built from scratch, sits on the hills overlooking Helmsdale, and as well as home to his own recordings, has attracted clients including Teenage Fanclub, Hooton Tennis Club, Tracyanne and Danny, Meggie Brown (produced by Alex Kapranos), Shopping and David Gray.

Collins completed work on the new long-player at Clashnarrow with co-producer Sean Read (Dexys, The Rockingbirds) and long-term musical cohorts Carwyn Ellis (Colorama) & James Walbourne (The Pretenders / The Rails).

The long-player is in part inspired by his return to the village where his grandfather lived, and a place where he Collins spent time over the years. The album title itself, and title track, are taken from and inspired by Badbea (pronounced badbay), an abandoned village on a cliff top five miles north of Helmsdale with a history defined by the Highland Clearances of the 18th and 19th centuries.

The new album’s lyrics are also inspired by the discovery of over 30 old pre-illness lyric books unearthed while ‘de-cluttering’ before the move back to Scotland.

“It’s all about looking forward, I guess,” Collins reflects. “I’m happy. Content with life.”

The album’s listing ‘Badbea’ is as follows:
1. It’s All About You
2. In The Morning
3. I Guess We Were Young
4. It All Makes Sense To Me
5. Outside
6. Glasgow To London
7. Tensions Rising
8. Beauty
9. I Want You
10. I’m OK Jack
11. Sparks The Spark
12. Badbea

More at www.edwyncollins.com