Edinburgh Leisure release new single ‘Startup’ on Tenement Records.

Taken from the forthcoming album ‘Die Gefahr In Jazz’, it follows ‘Contemporary Art In Digital Culture’ by the band, formed of Keith Farquhar and T Fraser.

Farquhar is an established visual artist whose work has been exhibited internationally. He is also the former vocalist of The Male Nurse, best known for their two Peel sessions of 1997 & 98.

Fraser is one half of the duo [Fraser, Ormston] that featured at Counterflows 2019 and includes artist Ailie Ormston.

The album was written largely with the Rhyme Zone search engine tool and recorded mostly on iPhone 5s, using instrumentation of staple guns, masking tape, supplement bottles and blister packs with “Apple-hack sounds and misuses”.

The duo categorise their sound as ‘iPod Shuffle’, describing the new release as “a harmonious cacophony of mammal and machine processes”.

The album is available on limited edition vinyl and digitally.


1. Call This Number

2. Dada’s Boys

3. Scorpio Leisure

4. Happy Birthday

5. Mammals and Birds (FINAL FINAL)

6. Get A Good Job

7. Startup
8. Yes

9. Edinburgh Dungeon

10. Edinburgh Leisure

11. Trapped In Ikea (Bonus)

More at Keithfarquhar.co.uk or Tenement Records