Dundonian singer-songwriter Ed Muirhead releases a new album, ‘Stars From A Sidecar’.

Muirhead has been playing solo and recording since 2009, his most recent long-player 2015’s ‘Day Job’. Since that release he has quit his job in engineering to study music therapy, and now works as a self-employed piano tutor and music therapist.

Two of the album’s 13 songs were written as long ago as 1996 at the age of 19, when the singer took a year out to recover from a breakdown and time in hospital. The rest are more recent, with subject matter including being a father, society and social media, or exploring the world through his travels with work.

The album is largely a solo affair, although there’s guitar work from Calder Houston on three tunes, while Molly Muirhead plays trumpet on opening track ‘Sidecar’.

The album is launched on Friday October 24th with a live show in Dundee that night at Clark’s on Lindsay Street.

More at edmuirhead.co.uk / www.facebook.com/EdSings.