Dunt releases a new single ‘Weird Hings’, on the Southside Deluxe label.

It’s the first release on the label run by Mistah Bohze & NC Epik, by the electronic / hip hop / alt-pop producer from Glasgow, who also produces for SHEARS, Stanley Odd and Solareye.

Available to stream or download, ‘Weird Hings’ is the first single from the forthcoming album ‘Starter Pact’ which will feature collaborations with Solareye (Stanley Odd), SHEARS and Sam West (Animal Tracks), and is due for release later in 2020, also on Southside Deluxe.

When not in his production guise, Dunt aka Andy Samson also plays drums for Stanley Odd, Mull Historical Society and Horse McDonald.

More at www.duntproductions.co.uk.