Dude Trips release their debut album ‘Through Love & Death, You’re All I Have Left’ on Side Mission Records

The Fraserburgh quartet – Shaun Ross, Jamie Mathers, Scott Burnett and Sean Mitchell – have recently joined Cold Years’ management, and are embarking on a UK tour with a special album release show kicking it off on 8th June at Tunnels in Aberdeen.

The 10 tracks include single ‘Documentaries’, which is about “telling yourself you’re over someone,” say the band, “but at the same time it’s still eating away at the back of your mind. You want to let go, but a part of you doesn’t—it’s a real shitty position to be in.”

Formed in late summer 2016, the band have previously released two EPs: ‘Sad Lads’ — written “on a whim” in an attic, with the end goal of playing a single show in Aberdeen — and ‘Keepsake’, which was mostly written in a renovated granny flat.

Three out of four of the band grew up together in Fraserburgh. “Apart from the cold, we wouldn’t change it for the world,” says lead vocalist Shaun Ross on their birthplace. “It’s a breath of fresh air and it’s fair to say we’ve enjoyed growing up here in Fraserburgh. The town itself has quite a rough reputation but we feel that aspect has helped shape us into the people we’ve become today.”

“There’s not much of a music scene here in Fraserburgh,” Ross continues, “and hasn’t been for years.” Recently the local council scrapped the only musical outlet for young musicians (The Youthie) without giving local residents or young people much say in the matter. “Since then we’ve had to travel to Aberdeen, forty miles south, which opened up doors to new sounds and musical influences.”

Tour dates:
8th June 2019 – Tunnels, Aberdeen (Album Release)
6th July 2019 – Glasgow, Broadcast
7th July 2019 – Liverpool, Outpost
11th July 2019 – Brighton, East Street Tap
13th July 2019 – Leeds, Temple Of Boom

More at www.facebook.com/dudetripsuk