Drift release a new remix of their track ‘Edge Of Love’, remixed by The Vegan Leather.

The new take on the 2019 song is available to stream or download, with all Bandcamp proceeds going to Black Lives Matter.

Vegan Leather frontman Gianluca Bernacchi took on the production of the track, saying: “I’ve always been drawn to the vocals in ‘Edge Of Love’, they’re so dreamy.

“Though it did take three attempts at getting this remix to work, there’s trance and metal versions that shall never see the light of day. I tried to capture that late 00s nu-disco feel, big claps and phasers all over the place”

And Drift – songwriter Linzi Clark and producer Andrew Quinn – were only too happy to allow their fellow Paisley musician to work on a new version of their song.

Clark said: “When Gian asked to remix our track we were really excited to see what he done with it. If DRIFT and TVL had a baby it would sound like this remix, I love that! It’s totally got TVL signature disco touch and that punchy synth line is so snappy it sticks in my head anytime I play it.

“Of course I love how much he’s played about with my vocals too, with a naturally higher register, I could never quite nail the sexy husky thing and this takes it to a whole new level so I’m pretty happy about that.”

More at www.facebook.com/TheVeganLeather / www.theveganleather.co.uk, and www.facebook.com/driftband0.