Douglas MacGregor releases an album, ‘Songs of Loss and Healing’.

For this album release, MacGregor worked with German sound engineer Sebastian Ohmert on the seven pieces that form the album – each recorded in different non-studio locations around the UK. Each performance was videoed and then released online with accompanying exploratory text.

Previously, the songwriter and composer has toured and played with the likes of Alasdair Roberts, Héloïse Lefebvre, Stanley Brinks and Alex Neilson (of Alex Rex/Trembling Bells) – the latter describing MacGregor’s latest work as “evocative, urgent, and extraordinarily beautiful”.

He has also worked with poets, dancers, artists and filmmakers – a music video collaboration with videographer and academic Amy Cutler winning Best Foreign Experimental Film at Mikro FAF 2017.

The pieces on the new album stem from MacGregor losing his mother to cancer when he was just seven, but it was not until twenty-five years later that the suppressed grief came to the surface.

In his capacity as a writer, he has regularly contributed to Songlines magazine and The Guardian as well as his own blog and website which explores the relationship between music, grief and loss.

The long-player is available on vinyl and CD as well as to download, with 50% of physical sales revenue going to charity Winston’s Wish, which supports bereaved children.

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