Doghouse Roses release a new album ‘We Are Made of Light’ via Yellowroom Music.

A mix of new and some unrecorded over the 15 years the band have been together, the dozen songs that make the act’s fourth long-player are half performed purely by vocalist Iona Macdonald and Paul Tasker, who also provides guitars, banjo and harmony vocal.

The remainder employ percussion from Neil Allan, and strings from Pete Harvey and The Pumpkinfield Trio – Rik Evans, Harriet Davidson and Kate Miguda.

The album’s recording started in April with Johnny Smillie at La Chunky Studio in Glasgow, which spawned single ‘Why We Fight’, with the remainder of the work being done by Luigi Pasquini at Anchor Lane in Glasgow. Pasquini also keys on ‘Oh Well’.

Songwriting credits across the album are also split largely 50-50 between Macdonald and Tasker, apart from ‘The Femi Paradox’ – named after the theory of (lack of) alien life – which takes its riff from ‘Oh Well’ (Part One) by Peter Green – the duo obtaining permission from the Fleetwood Mac guitarist for its use.

The single, ‘Why We Fight’ is included on the album and is described by the band as “a protest song railing against the current rise in populism and warmongering,” as well as ‘First Of April’, which pays tribute to the 18 people died in a helicopter crash off the Aberdeenshire coast in 2009.

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