digitalanalogue releases a new EP, ‘Spiel Protokoll’.

The seven tracks, under the pseudonym of Ian Turnbull, are available via J Sharp Records – which some will recognise as the imprint set up by Broken Records.

That’s because digitalanalogue is the solo instrumental side project of Ian Turnbull from the Edinburgh-based band.

The new release follows up the 2015 debut album ‘Be Embraced, You Millions!’, as well as a contribution to 2016’s ‘Split 12″ Vol.4’ (both on Song, By Toad Records),

All tracks on the EP were recorded in St Andrews and Edinburgh over a period spanning 2002 – 2017 and as Turnbull himself says, “leans heavily to the digital rather than the analogue side of things”, adding that each track “came about as a result of playing around with whatever new synth or recording kit I’d got my hands on at the time!”

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