Depeche Choad release ‘Songs in the Key of Vitamin C’ on their own Ice Cream for Crows label.

The band describe themselves as “difficult to pigeonhole musically (unless you work in HMV, in which case file under ‘Rock and Pop’)”.

However, they have band have been making their self-styled “Girth Rock” since 2013, and opened for the likes of Bad Breeding, Peaness, Loud Poets and The Buzzcocks.

The quartet – Stewart Ross, Duncan Dallas, Cameron Masson, Dream Magic and – were aided and abetted by Craig Henderson, contributing additional guitars, vocals and drum programming, plus Denise Arkley, Kirsty Macdonald-Ross, Adam Morrice and Richard Osborne, who all provided additional vocals.

Including single ‘Spearfish’, the 14 tracks were recorded, mixed and produced by Craig Henderson at Merrickesque Recordings in Aberdeen between 2017 and 2019.

Having released 3 EPs including a split with fellow Aberdonians Bird Law, ‘Songs in the Key of Vitamin C’ is the band’s first full length release.

It’s available as a download from all the usual places including on Bandcamp (below) as an expanded 22-track deluxe edition, and also limited cassette tape.

Subject matter includes “tales of petty theft in middle America, buying socks, creating the perfect fruit salad and experiencing frustration at the self- checkout in the supermarket.”

Track Listing
1. Sun/Moon
2. Spearfish
3. The Ballad of Jason and Pharis
4. DIY
5. Intellectual Love (Instrumental)
6. Paul Miller Socks
7. Rock Fruit Salad
8. Roderick and Wolfgang’s Beautiful Bird’s Nest
9. Social Chameleon
10. (AFC) Wimbledon
11. The New Welsh National Anthem
12. Unexpected Item
13. Wikipedia
14. Hold It All Together (for Heather Graham)

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