Depeche Choad and Bird Law release a new split EP, ‘Greetings From Ashley Park, ABZ’.

Bird Law, from Aberdeen, feature members of Seas, Starry and were previously called Das McManus.

Fellow Aberdonians Depeche Choad have existed for three years and the new EP is their third release, following up ‘Pain After Sex’ and last year’s ‘Return To Girth’

Bird Law contribute four tunes – ‘Hail Ants’, ‘Crime – Aid’, ‘Nothing Rhymes With Blorange’, ‘And The Can’t Thank Me, Well The Parrots Can’ – while Depeche Choad have five tracks on the EP, ‘Happiness Is Time Spent With Good Friends’, ‘Kalimotxo’, ‘Middle Class Malcontent’, ‘First Bit/Second Bit’ and ‘Zupapalera’. All nine tracks were all recorded and produced by AP Henderson.

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