Declan Welsh & the Decadent West release a new single, ‘No Fun’ on the Modern Sky label.

The new track, which follows up 2018 debut EP ‘All My Dreams Are Dull’, is taken the Glasgow quartet’s forthcoming debut album ‘Cheaply Bought, Expensively Sold’, due out on October 18th.

Like the 12 tracks on the upcoming long-player, and previous singles ‘Absurd’ and ‘Different Strokes’, ‘No Fun’ was produced in Glasgow by by Chris Marshall, who has previously worked with the likes of Gerry Cinnamon, Baby Strange, The Dunts and The Van T’s.

The quartet – Declan Welsh, Duncan McBride, Ben Corlett and Murray Noble – have just returned from Glastonbury, having previously gigged in places as diverse as Brighton’s Great Escape festival, Hamburg’s Reeperbahn, London Fashion Week, and Palestine, as part of a cultural exchange event.

Welsh says of the new song: ​”’No Fun’ is about the inflated self-importance of the kind of people who get full of it at a party and corner you to tell you about how they went on holiday and seen ‘the real Thailand’. It’s about folk with no self awareness.

“It’s about people who think they are the kings of all banter because they put on a funny hat at 3am. It’s about people who say the word ‘sesh’ with no hint of irony. It’s about people who say the word ‘sesh’ ironically. It’s about people who say the word ‘sesh'”.

The single is now available to download or stream.

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