Debukas release a new compilation album, ‘Left At The Lights’.

Available on cassette or as a download via Bandcamp, the 10 tracks from John Clark aka John Disco of bis fame, gather together “tunes begun between 2010-2015 that for whatever reasons never got ‘finished’ or saw the light of day until now.”

The newly-unearthed material mirrors the three EPs Clark released under the Debukas banner on the 2020Vision label, the more dance-based sounds perhaps harking back to Dirty Hospital, the electronic duo formed with brother and bandmate Sci-fi Steven.

Solo projects for the ’90s hit trio took a back seat of late when bis released their first new material in six years, album ‘Slight Disconnects‘.

Previously Clark has worked as producer and engineer for Fangs, Franz Ferdinand, and Stevie Jackson, as well as playing in The Amphetameanies.

Now Inverness-based, he has also released two other EPs as Debukas: ‘Dream Travel’ and ‘Transparent Living’, both also available on Bandcamp.

Clark adds: “I delved deep into the pool for some sleeping gems and found at least two volumes of niceness,” suggesting that more music could be on the way from Debukas.

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