Dean Owens releases the first in his Desert Trilogy EP series – ‘The Burning Heart’.

The first four tracks collection features single ‘New Mexico‘, released last month, with Owens on vocals alongside Calexico members Joey Burns on guitar with John Convertino providing drumming and percussion.

There are three more tunes on this first set from the Edinburgh-based musician: ‘Here Comes Paul Newman’, ‘Riverline’, and ‘Tombstone Rose’.

Available digitally and as a very limited edition CD, it precedes volumes 2 and 3 due in May and June respectively, leading up to the release of forthcoming album ‘Sinner’s Shrine’ in September.

Calexico’s Jacob Valenzuela also appears on trumpet on the album recordings, made at WaveLab Studios, in Tucson, Arizona with engineer Craig Schumacher.

The collaboration between Owens and the Tucson, Arizona-based came about following a chance meeting while Owens was on tour in the USA, leading to an invitation to record with the band, and the acts teamed up for a “hands across the water” virtual set at this year’s Celtic Connections festival.

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