De Rosa have released a new version of their ‘Appendices 2008’ collection.

Originally from 12 years ago, the song-per-month project has been compiled and remastered for 2020.

The original version began to take shape in 2008 – following the band’s completion of sophomore album ‘Prevention’ and its scheduling for release early in 2009, the band decided in the interim to release a song each month for the entire year.

Frontman Martin Henry describes the dozen tracks as “a kind of diary of our process at the time, with some being my lo-fi home demos (‘It Lives In Parks’, ‘One Sixtieth Of A Second’) and others developed by us all and recorded to a much higher standard in studios and flats by our piano player and resident engineer Andrew Bush.

“‘Appendices’ is a really varied collection of which we’re proud, embarrassed and nostalgic,” he adds.

The collection also provides a snapshot of the band’s lineup at the time – Henry, plus core / long-term members James and Neil Woodside, plus Chris Connick. Andrew Bush, originally the band’s sound engineer, adds keyboard across the album, and as well as Michael Truscott contributing brass on closing/’December’ tune ‘To Early Days Of Home’, there’s also an appearance of Gillian Fleetwood on harp.

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