De-Fence’s series of 10″ singles reaches its final release with the 10th edition.

Run by Fence Collective member OnTheFly,the Larbert-based imprint is often seen as a vaguely electronica-oriented offshoot of King Creosote’s Anstruther label. Among the acts contributing to the seven-track album are members of Love.Stop.Repeat, Found, The Leg, Viva Stereo, IndianRedLopez, King Creosote and James Yorkston’s bands, and a bunch of others too numerous to type.

As well as #10 in the series, there’s also a 10 album boxset of 12″ vinyl versions of the previous releases – highly limited, there were only 8 left at the time of writing! Across the 12 albums are efforts form Malcolm Middleton, Found, Jonnie Common, HMS Ginafore, Jon Hopkins, and King Creosote and James Yorkston themselves.

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