Fife-based songwriter Dan Lyth has released the first fruits of a project, the self-explanatory Some Of My Friends’ Songs. The first three track EP to come from this is available for free download.

The tracks include ‘Catastrophe’, a collaboration between Lyth and David Moyes from The Scottish Enlightenment, the song being penned by friend Craig Rennie and its new version being recorded for his 30th birthday.

Also on the EP, ‘Pascal’, by The Scottish Enlightenment, and featuring a deck of cards as a rhythm section plus an analogue synth bass line and “an accordion played the wrong way”.
The last of the three tracks is ‘January Light’ by Kilmory Day Trip, a band who Lyth met when recording their EP a few months earlier, and on which he collaborates with one Alastair MacGregor.

Accompanying the EP is an essay, written by Craig Rennie, on the pitfalls of attempting cover versions.