Damaged Goodz and Onra the Bastardian unite to release a collaborative EP, ‘Gallus Alliance’, via Watercolour Music.

The four tracks from the pair include further collaborations with two other Scottish rap and hip hop acts – Becca Starr appears on ‘Glasgow Kiss / French Kiss’ and ‘L’Amour Or Less’, while DJ Zeeny appears on ‘Cantona’ – aptly as he and Damaged Goodz are both Man. United fans.

The final track on the EP, which is produced by Onra and Gregorie Saint-Maxin, is another Scots-French effort, ‘Chateau Lait’, referring to Goodz’ hometown of Castlemilk – “usually an ironic term used by outsiders… because it sounds like a utopia but its fucking mental.”

Onra the Bastardian may unfamiliar to some Scottish music fans, but was the frontman of two legendary French hard-core bands, Black Bomb A and Noflag. He is also a big fan of hip-hop since his teenage years, hence his teaming-up with Glasgow-based Damaged Goodz – who himself has roots in the punk scene, with Glasgow act Skeleton Verse.

‘Gallus Alliance’ is available to download via Bandcamp – more at www.facebook.com/DamagedGoodzHIPHOP.