Conscious Route & True Note release an album, ‘Lost Routes’, on the True Hold label.

The collaboration between the Edinburgh-based rapper Rolain Bradbeer – Conscious Route – and producer True Note aka Mert Pearson, also features appearances from soul singer Geoffrey Williams, trombonist Chris Greive and drummer Cat Myers across its 20 tracks.

The album – mixed by Pearson and mastered by Chemo aka David Webb – also features vocal contributions from Claire Macfarlane, Phil McBride, Richie Harrison, Keith Muir, and Niall Goodwin.

Three instrumentals and one full track have been picked up by Channel 4 for their mini documentary series, ‘Take Your Knee Off My Neck,’ a response to the killing of George Floyd.

Bradbeer originally worked as The Mosman as part of English-based hiphop crew Fugazirum, before moving north, and adopting the Conscious Route moniker.

He teamed up with two-man production team Rik & Si Mono aka Monosapiens last June for a remix EP ‘Better Days‘, and before that, worked with Canadian-born producer Sexy Beast for single ‘Locked in the Confines‘.

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