Hobbes Music releases a compilation entitled ‘Dawn Chorus’ (Trouble Remixes Volume 2), featuring Conquering Animal Sound, Snide Rhythms, Tokyo Knife Attack, Leonidas & Hobbes.

The third Hobbes Music release is the second in a series of remix EPs featuring up­-and­-coming Scottish artists remixed by well-­established and emerging local and international talents. It’s available as a limited edition vinyl 12” and download.

The tracklisting, cut and pasted form the press release, details the tunes thus:
A1, Tokyo Knife Attack, Invisible Sister – Ali Renault remix (128 bpm)
A2, Leonidas & Hobbes, Soul Food – Fudge Fingas remix (124 bpm)
B1, Conquering Animal Sound, Treehouses – iO Sounds remix (120 bpm)
B2, Snide Rhythms, Ginger Baker In Africa – Auntie Flo remix (124 bpm)