Glasgow-based duo Conquering Animal Sound have released a download only album of remixes taken from their recently-released debut album ‘Kammerspiel’. Initially released as a limited edition of 50 hand-packaged CD’s to accompany pre-orders of ‘Kammerspiel’, ‘Kammerspiel Remixed’ features reworkings from: Errors, Fieldhead, slowsecret, brothersGRIMM, Field Mouse, Dam Mantle, Lamplighter, Iliop and Fox Gut Daat.

‘Kammerspiel Remixed’ is only available via the Gizeh Records online shop (and at their live shows, where the download code comes with an artwork print – the band tour England and Belgium, as well as taking in the Homegame Festival in Anstruther (6-8 May) and Stag & Dagger in Glasgow on the 21st.

You can hear the mixes by Errors and Fieldhead here