Compadre release a new EP, ‘Pipe Dreams’.

Available to stream or download, the four tracks are also available on 12″ vinyl.

The EP – consisting of ‘Adore Me’, ‘Green Screen Sex Scene’, ‘Sing It Back’ and ‘Never Waited’ – was recorded by Florian Helleken at Hersbrooklyn Recordings before being mixed & Mastered by Christian Hielscher at Subsounddistortion.

The trio – Glaswegian ex-pat frontman Roy Williamson, plus Steven Franklin and Sassan von Papp – formed in 2019 and are currently based in Nuremberg in Germany.

Following gigs around Bavaria the threesome had plans to tour Germany and north / central Europe, and eventually Scotland. However, the COVID-19 outbreak put this on hold and in the meantime they instead completed ‘Pipe Dreams’.

Of his status as the band’s vocalist and lyricist, Williamson says: “It’s amusing in live shows watching our predominantly expat and German fanbase try to understand my accent when gabbing between songs – I do my best to be understood but it doesn’t always go well!”

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