Community Swimming Pool release a new single, ‘You’.

It follows previous tracks ‘Number One‘, from late January, and debut single ‘Upside Down’ – released last August, from what is the pseudonym of Glasgow-based dream-pop multi-instrumentalist Brett McCann.

The song was home-recorded and produced by Brett McCann aka Community Swimming Pool, using two microphones. All instruments – guitar, bass, and keys – were played by McCann, apart from drums, provided by Sam Leighton, with Steven Carroll performing additional mixing on the track.

Written three or four years ago, the single was written while its creator was living in Edinburgh, about being “trapped” in a relationship.

“It’s essentially about how I was having a hard time knowing I was miserable and that the two of us were so fed up of each other,” McCann relates, “but the trouble was I never had the courage to end it.

“So you kind of just resort to living under the same roof but everyday she’d come home through that door I could just see how she was in such a bad mood, and I was the same.”

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