🙁colonopenbracket to you – release a new single, ‘Overdrive’, as a digital download.

The brainchild of Marty Milne, the ‘band’ formed in late 2005 in Aberdeen, around Nintendo and Commodore sounds augmented by live drummer Adam Florence (now of Randolph’s Leap) and what Milne describes as a “revolving door of keyboard players”.

Previously i.e. over the past dozen years of the combo’s existence, there have bene releases on Must Destroy Records (home to The Darkness and Goldie Looking Chain), a split single ‘Twin Chevron Action Flash’ with Data Panik (AKA Bis), followed by the five track ‘First Blood’ EP.

With Florence working with the likes of Post, Citigazi and Sexual Objects, Milne released two albums: 2009’s ‘Kawaii’ for Japanese-based Intec Recordings, followed by ‘World Wide Web’ two years later – aptly an internet-only release

colonopenbracket’s current plan is to release one new single per month and this year will once more return to the stage as a duo.

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