Legendary indie combo Colin’s Godson have their story put into words, and pictures, with the release of a graphic novel, ‘The Colin’s Godson Annual’

Five years in the making, the book takes its cues from 90s Britpop nostalgia, plus “convoluted nested plotlines, and very daffy humour, as well grotty fanzine level Herge pastiche artwork”.

Following the band’s travel across space and time, it sees the much-loved combo, who split recently, fighting universally agreed upon evils such as a gigantic death star in the shape of Margaret Thatcher’s head and the 1999 Blackadder revival.

The artwork is by A.J.Smith, of Khaki Shorts and occasional Viz fame, who is of course also known as a member of the Hector Collectors and Plimptons.

Consisting of 80-odd colour pages, the physical book can be found at colinsgodson.bandcamp.com, while a Kindle version is also available online.